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From engineering proprietary and enriching client experiences for our brand partners to giving back to the community in the form of vocational training,  product knowledge master classes to providing support to MBA Academic programmes, DELAMARCA leverages over 30 years of luxury and lifestyle retail sales, client experience, and training expertise across the Middle East & Europe.



Based in London and Dubai, DELAMARCA provides innovative learning and development initiatives designed to not only build brand loyalty, client engagement and frontline productivity, but truly set the client at the heart of immersive brand experiences. By inspiring front-line and managerial teams to connect to their clients through personal and professional development, brands are able to go beyond the traditional transaction-based model and create tailored brand experiences which foster wellbeing and exceed the client’s expectations.



As the Middle East market continues to expand and grow, DELAMARCA is committed to providing client experience development, training, and retail excellence initiatives to the region’s fashion, beauty, and hospitality industries. For over 10 years, DELAMARCA has given learning & development and operational support to local markets such as KSA, UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait.



More than ever today’s luxury consumer seeks to engage with a brand in a way that not only satisfies their immediate needs, but also in ways that create an emotional and experiential relationship with its products, services, and retail staff. By tailoring the client experience to meet these expectations, brands are able to transition from being a transactional source of retail fulfilment to a true lifestyle partner. By isolating shared best practices  in tandem with Human Resources, Marketing, Client Insights and Loyalty, and Retail Operations, we create a proprietary Client Experience Framework that creates a truly bespoke client engagement, unique to the brand; ensuring integrated technology, transparency, convenience, and omni-channel support.



Adding value to the frontline through regular training and coaching is essential to any luxury business looking to create retail excellence. DELAMARCA is committed to engaging with sales teams through regular training workshops and 1-2-1 coaching designed to develop both personal and professional skills. In addition, face-to-face interaction can be supported and strengthened by a digital self-guided learning offer to improve communication skills, retail aptitude, and client experience competencies. From optimised interpersonal communications to building emotional intelligence and empathy to cultural adaptation, luxury mind-set, and service standards, DELAMARCA provides proprietary and tailored training content for all team members including management, sales teams, back-of-the house and support staff. Through frequent store visits as well as plenary sessions, our aim is to build a great employee experience which is then reflected in the way each sales professional engages their clients.